50+ Christmas Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers for 2019

Here are some of the trendiest and bestselling products of 2019. The underlined gift ideas are linked to a buying guide. Also, here are shopping tips to help you avoid scams.

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  • Wireless Chargers - For people who use their smartphone and smartwatch often.

  • Smartphone Gimbal - For smartphone filmmakers or documentarians.

  • Ring Light - For fashion, photography or makeup enthusiasts.

  • Mini Photo Printer - For photographers who like to have fun.

  • Packing Cubes - For travelers or people who love organizing things.


  • Instant Pot - For home cooks, foodies or busy people who want to eat healthy.

  • Air Fryer - For home cooks, party hosts or snack lovers.

  • Robot Vacuum - For pet owners or people who work long hours.

  • Cordless Vacuum - For people who live in small apartments.

  • Griddle - For breakfast lovers or home cooks with large families.

  • Sous Vide Machine - For home cooks, foodies or gourmet food lovers.

  • Immersion Blender - For people who like smoothies or protein shakes.

  • Milk Frother - For coffee lovers on a budget.

  • Wine Opener - For anyone who fumbles with a corkscrew.

  • Space Heater - For people who wear gloves indoors.

  • Baby Food Maker - For new parents who appreciate organic foods.



  • Weighted Blanket - For light or restless sleepers.

  • Resistance Bands - For fitness enthusiasts or people with desk jobs.

  • Gaming Chair - For people who spend their days on a computer.

  • Electric Toothbrush - For people who love to smile.

  • Water Flosser - For people with dental work (or those trying to avoid it).

  • Foot Scrubber - For college students or people who spend time on their feet.

  • DNA Testing Kit - For family historians or the intellectually curious.

  • Neck Massager - For hard workers or people who suffer tension headaches.

  • Standing Mat - For home cooks or people with standing desks.

  • White Noise Machine - For light sleepers or people with noisy neighbors.

  • Light Therapy Lamp - For people who spend time in windowless places.

Stocking Stuffers

  • Tape Measure - For home decorators or handy types.

  • Fidgets - For people who like to keep their hands busy.

  • USB Type C Cable - For people with new laptops.

  • Car Phone Mount - For drivers who use GPS apps like Waze.

  • HDMI 2.1 Cable - For movie lovers with an Apple 4K TV.

  • Apple Watch Screen Protector - For Apple Watch owners.

  • Reusable Snack Bags - For homemakers or commuters.

  • Power Strip - For people with a home theater or a home office.

  • USB Hub - For Macbook owners or people with lots of gadgets.


John DeFeo