The Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds of 2019

Truly wireless earbuds like Apple's AirPods are expensive, but there are cheaper options available. Some earbuds connect wirelessly to a phone, but the earbuds themselves are attached with a cable. 

These tethered earbuds have longer battery life than truly wireless models. They're harder to lose and almost every model is either IPX6 water-resistant or IPX7 waterproof. The tradeoff is that the earbuds can tug on each other while running or exercising.

Cheap wireless earbuds are a worthwhile purchase (you can score a decent pair for less than $20). It's ironic, but I've seen people buy cords for their AirPods because they're afraid of losing them. Why pay $150 for truly wireless earbuds if you're going to put a cable on them! It doesn’t make sense.

Here are the best-reviewed “tethered” wireless earbuds that have sold for $40 or less:

Good Price: $20 | Great Deal: $16

Mpow's waterproof Bluetooth headphones pair well and sound good for the money, according to several Amazon customers. Those same customers warn that people with small ears should avoid these earbuds, especially for workouts, because they feel like they might fall off.

Good Price: $28 | Great Deal: $10

Senso's Bluetooth earbuds are lightweight and comfortable, according to several Amazon customers who praised the earbuds vocal clarity (but some criticized the weak bass). These earbuds mostly stay secure during workouts, but runners said to expect some wind noise while sprinting.

Good Price: $23 | Great Deal: $20

Most Amazon customers like or love these Mpow Bluetooth earbuds. Several customers describe the battery life as excellent. These earbuds require some tinkering with the included tips and inserts to be truly comfortable. Some reviewers wish these earbuds looked sleeker and less bulky.

John DeFeo