The Best Cheap Qi Wireless Chargers of 2019

Many of today's smartphones, including iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models, support wireless charging. Basically, a wireless charging device creates a short-distance electromagnetic field that a phone can receive and then convert into electricity for the battery to store.

I doubt that anyone needs a wireless charger, but they can be convenient. For example, if you keep your phone charging on a nightstand, it’s a pain to unplug the USB cable when you're groggy. Wireless charging saves you that effort (but you’ll need to place the phone back in the correct charging position).

Wireless charging used to be slow, but new "fast charge" standards like Qi are a big improvement and one reason why inductive chargers are so popular now. Charging stations come in all shapes and sizes, including stands, pads, docks, mats and in-car models.

Some folks wonder if wireless charging is dangerous. I don't know and I doubt that anyone truly does, but the U.S. National Research Council concluded in 1996 that "No clear convincing evidence exists to show that residential exposures to electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are a threat to human health." Two decades have passed and nobody has linked inductive charging with cancer. I feel safe.

Here are some of the best-reviewed Qi wireless chargers that have sold for less than $30:

Good Price: $14 | Great Deal: $10

This Yootech charger takes 3-4 hours to charge most phones, according to Amazon customers, and is sleep-friendly because the charging indicator light shuts off after 15 seconds. To fast charge your phone, you'll need to purchase a quick charge 2.0/3.0 power adapter separately.

Good Price: $22 | Great Deal: $14

Anker's 10W wireless charger has indicator lights that blink briefly, then shut off (which is convenient for overnight use). Some Amazon customers received defective units, but on the plus side, Anker's customer service team sent replacement units quickly or offered troubleshooting advice.

Good Price: $20 | Great Deal: $16

LK's wireless charger is designed for big screen phones and has lots of positive reviews from phablet owners. This charger does not include an AC adapter and it may be an eyesore with a small phone.

Good Price: $26 | Great Deal: $25

Nanami's wireless charging stand includes a QC 3.0 fast charging adapter. Some reviewers wished that the wire from the wall adapter was longer.

Good Price: $25 | Great Deal: $20

Destek's wireless charger includes an AC adapter and has anti-skid pads. Some iPhone owners had trouble keeping a connection with the charger, but the user reviews are very positive overall.

John DeFeo