The Best Cheap WiFi Extenders of 2019

A WiFi extender (sometimes called a WiFi booster or wireless repeater) is a way to boost the WiFi signal in your home's dead zones.

There are other ways to boost your WiFi signal and many of them are free. E.g. Repositioning your wireless router or changing your WiFi channel.

If you've tried these things and still aren't happy with your wireless signal, a WiFi extender may do the trick. These wireless repeaters connect wirelessly to your router and relay the wireless signal to your devices.

WiFi extenders are bad for competitive gaming: The extra hop between the router and the computer adds latency. Gamers may want to consider a cheap mesh WiFi system (aka a whole-house WiFi system) instead. 

The same goes for anyone who is considering multiple WiFi extenders. This is like wrapping each of your fingers in fabric to keep them warm, whereas a mesh WiFi system is like wearing a glove.

There are many cheap WiFi extenders available, but the best WiFi extender for you depends on which router you have. Routers and extenders that use the same chipsets and software have the greatest odds of making a good connection.

Here are the best-reviewed WiFi extenders that have sold on Amazon for $50 or less in the last 12 months:

Good Price: $20 | Great Deal: $13

This wireless extender is acceptable for e-mail and web browsing, but hit-or-miss for video streaming, according to several Amazon customers. Some reviewers (even happy ones) had a hard time setting up this extender. Unhappy customers say this extender frequently disconnects from their router.

Good Price: $30 | Great Deal: $19

Netgear's WiFi extender is easy to pair with a router, according to several Amazon customers, but finding the right place to put the extender can be tricky. Some reviewers were disappointed that the extender doesn't relay 5 GHz WiFi. Most customers describe this extender as good, but not great (especially for streaming music and video).

John DeFeo