The Best Cheap (25 Foot) Tape Measures of 2019

A tape measure is an essential tool.

Contractors and handymen need a durable measure that can survive drops and debris. If that sounds like you, I suggest reading these tape measure field tests.

For anyone who just wants a good tape measure to stash in a toolbox or utility drawer, this article is written with you in mind. A high-quality measure has a few characteristics:

  • Accurate;

  • Easy to read;

  • Functional belt clip;

  • Useful length (25 feet is typical); and

  • Locking and retracting.

Many inexpensive tape measures meet these standards. Here are the best-reviewed tape measures that have sold for $10 or less in the past 12 months:

Good Price: $10 | Great Deal: $7

This classic Stanley tape measure is virtually unchanged over the last 40 years. Most Amazon reviewers like or love it. Some customers were frustrated that the measure came in a hard-to-open plastic container.

Good Price: $10 | Great Deal: $6

This Komelon tape measure has a fantastic self-locking feature according to several Amazon customers. On the flip side, some unhappy customers complained that the self-lock feature doesn't work as well over time.

Good Price: $9 | Great Deal: $6

This Komelon measure has black and white numerals that several Amazon customers praised for being easy to read. Critical reviewers found the tape's retraction feature to be less reliable than other measures.

Good Price: $9 | Great Deal: $6

Lufkin's Hi-Viz tape measure comes in bright (blue or orange) colors and is designed to be spotted easily. This tape has graduated markings in fractions and decimals and it marks half-inches boldly. Some customers hate this non-traditional numbering style.


John DeFeo