The Best Cheap Smart Locks of 2019

Not all smart locks are created equally.

Simple electronic deadbolts let you unlock a door by punching a code (like the "employees only" door at a fast food restaurant). Other locks can electronically sense when a "key" is waved in front of it (like a hotel door).

High-end smart locks are designed to work with home automation systems like Alexa and HomeKit. These locks use WiFi (sometimes adapters are required) to work with video doorbells, home security cameras, etc.

Some locks can issue temporary access codes that eliminate the need for spare keys and others are designed to use your traditional keys as a backup.

Smart locks aren't perfect. They're expensive, they can be hacked and their batteries need to be changed several times per year. If you aren't handy or tech savvy, a true smart lock might not be worth it. You can score a great electronic deadbolt from Schlage or Kwikset for between $50 and $100.

If you're looking for a more advanced smart lock, here are the best-reviewed models that have sold for $200 or less in the last 12 months:

Good Price: $177 | Great Deal: $119

This Schlage smart lock installs quickly and is easy to use, according to several happy customers. Some reviewers had trouble resetting the lock's codes or keeping the lock synced with a smart home hub. The lock's battery life has mixed reviews, but this really depends on the quality of the batteries used.

Good Price: $163 | Great Deal: $134

Schlage's Camelot lock is handsome and easy to install, according to several Amazon customers. Some reviewers had a hard time pairing the lock with their Z-Wave hub and others wished the lock wasn't so noisy. A few customers who live in humid places said this lock malfunctioned because of internal moisture.

Good Price: $200 | Great Deal: $175

Pin Genie’s smart lock has a unique security feature: The numeric pad changes its configuration each time its used (making it harder for someone to see your code). Many Amazon's customers praised Pin Genie's installation manual and video, but some reviewers wish that it was easier to assign temporary passcodes.

John DeFeo