The Best Cheap Resistance Bands of 2019

Resistance bands are an effective tool for building muscle and losing weight.

A resistance band is like a jumbo-sized rubber band. Stretching these bands requires tension, and the thicker the band, the more tension is required to move it.

The resistance effect is similar to using free weights, but not the same. Different areas of the body are targeted depending on the exercise or workout routine. While resistance bands can provide a good workout in isolation, the combination of free weight and resistance training may be more effective than either technique alone.

A resistance band is a versatile and inexpensive piece of fitness equipment that is worth it for many people (especially travelers who need to pack lightly). Remember: No piece of exercise equipment is 100% safe and the improper storage or usage of exercise bands can lead to dangerous snaps (these incidents seem uncommon, however).

Here are the best-reviewed resistance bands that have sold for $10 or less in the last 12 months.

Good Price: $10 | Great Deal: $9

Therabands are not looped like other resistance bands. They are more like rubberized ribbons that you wrap around your hand. Some Amazon customers didn't realize this and were upset with the product they received.

Good Price: $8 | Great Deal: $3

Sportbit's resistance bands are 10 inches, which is shorter than other sets. Some Amazon customers with thick legs complained that the bands rolled, but petite customers found these bands to be perfectly sized. Many customers praised the build-quality and materials.

Good Price: $10 | Great Deal: $3

Fit Simplify's exercise bands are high-quality and durable, even after repeated use, according to several Amazon reviewers. These 12-inch bands might be too large for someone with skinny legs; for someone with large legs, the bands may roll slightly.

Good Price: $10 | Great Deal: $3

Several Amazon customers praised Limm's resistance bands for being strong and durable, but more than one person found quality issues with the black (highest-tension) band in the set.


John DeFeo