The Best Cheap Pressure Washers of 2019

A pressure washer is like a super-powered garden hose.

Pressure washers (sometimes called "power washers") are great for cleaning oil- or moss-stained driveways, clearing gutters and removing old paint. You can even wash a car with the right settings, detergent and nozzle attachment.

A power washer is basically a water pump on wheels. Most household washers are powered by an electric motor that plugs into a wall outlet: Connect the washer to a faucet or garden hose and the water blasts out another hose at 35-85 times the original force.

Yes, you can hurt yourself with a pressure washer and injuries can be serious if the jet hits soft tissue. A pressure washer should never be left unattended, especially when children or animals are nearby.

Pressure washers are versatile tools. There are lots of aftermarket nozzles, brushes, brooms and wands that are designed for various jobs and situations. A good washer can save days of effort over its life (which makes the upfront cost worth it for people who value their time).

Here are the best-reviewed pressure washers that have sold for $200 or less in the last 12 months:

Good Price: $161 | Great Deal: $123

This Stanley power washer is easy to assemble and works within minutes, according to several happy customers. The washer includes a foam cannon that many reviewers said is great for washing cars. Some suggest handling this washer with care because it is made mostly from plastic.

Good Price: $98 | Great Deal: $68

Several Amazon customers said this Greenworks pressure washer is compact, portable and works well on small jobs, but it is not a heavy-duty machine. This washer has a long (30-foot) power cord.

Good Price: $152 | Great Deal: $119

Sun Joe's SPX4000 is a conveniently-sized pressure washer that's powerful for the money, according to several Amazon customers. This pressure washer uses proprietary fittings (so you'll need adapters to use third-party accessories).

Good Price: $165 | Great Deal: $120

Sun Joe's SPX3001 washer is great for most household jobs, according to several happy customers. Many reviewers said this washer is well-built, but some found the hose adapter and winding spool to be flimsy. Note: Sun Joe power washers need adapters to work with third-party accessories. 

Good Price: $158 | Great Deal: $120

A majority of Amazon customers like or love Sun Joe's SPX3000 pressure washer. Several reviews mentioned that the aluminum hose adapter is leaky. Some customers solved that issue by asking the company for a brass adapter (or buying one from the hardware store). A few reviewers said the included assembly instructions were very poor.

John DeFeo