The Best Cheap LED Headlights of 2019

LED headlights are more advanced than traditional halogen headlights or Xenon high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs. Basically, LED headlights last longer, won't break as easily and use less fuel than other types of lamps. The tradeoff is that LED bulbs are more expensive.

Some older vehicles don't have the proper housing for LED headlights, but they can accept retrofit bulbs or be modified with a conversion kit. For the safety of other drivers, it's important to get this right. Have you ever been blinded by oncoming traffic? It was probably a modern bulb in an old reflector housing: The beam pattern was acting like a floodlight. 

These poor installations are why many drivers wonder if LED headlights are legal or will soon become illegal. LED headlights are legal indeed, but your car may not pass inspection if they aren’t properly installed. You'll also run the risk of getting pulled over by police and ticketed. Do the job right.

Here are some of the best-reviewed LED headlights that have sold for less than $50. Each brand makes various headlights to fit specific vehicles, so use Amazon's "Select your vehicle" tool before you buy.

Good Price: $34 | Great Deal: $27

Lasfit's LED headlights are easy to install according to many Amazon customers. That said, vehicle design plays a big part in how easy or difficult headlights are to install. Some people had challenges.

Good Price: $37 | Great Deal: $35

Beamtech's LED headlights are bright, but not “too bright” (to bother other drivers) according to several customers. These LEDS are fanless and may run more quietly than other LED headlamps.

John DeFeo