The Best Cheap Electric Griddles of 2019

A griddle is a flat cooking surface with a heating source underneath.

Simple griddles use a stovetop for heat. An electric griddle is a standalone-appliance with a heating element inside: It's like an indoor grill that's flat and without ridges.

An electric griddle might be worth it for anyone who doesn’t have enough burners, but has counter space to spare. Griddles are made for cooking large amounts of breakfast foods like pancakes, bacon and eggs.

(If you've ever made one-at-a-time pancakes in a frying pan, especially for a large family, you know how thankless it can feel.)

Some electric griddles claim to be dishwasher safe, but there are parts (like screws) that aren't stainless steel that can still rust. Be prepared to wash any griddle by hand. Thankfully, most are easy to clean.

Here are the best-reviewed electric griddles that have sold for $50 or less in the last 12 months:

Good Price: $37 | Great Deal: $23

This griddle has a textured non-stick surface, and while some customers don't like the diamond pattern it leaves on pancakes, most agree that it is truly non-stick. Lots of reviews (even positive ones) say that this griddle does not cook evenly (because it runs hot in the center).

Good Price: $30 | Great Deal: $23

Black+Decker's griddle cooks evenly and is easy to clean, according to most customers. Several Amazon reviewers complained that the grease trap is too small, however.

Good Price: $44 | Great Deal: $34

This Presto griddle packs a huge cooking surface into a relatively small size, according to several Amazon customers. Some reviewers complained that the griddle runs hot or cooks unevenly, but a majority of customers like or love this model.

Good Price: $32 | Great Deal: $27

Several Amazon customers say that this griddle cooks more evenly than others they've used and that the non-stick surface works well. However, some reviewers complained that the grease trap falls out of place easily and the griddle's feet slide across the countertop.

Good Price: $26 | Great Deal: $16

This griddle is designed for 1-2 people and has glowing reviews (most Amazon customers like or love it). One reviewer said the grease trap overflowed when he cooked a pound of bacon on the griddle.

John DeFeo