The Best 'Cheap' Google Assistant Headphones of 2019

Google's voice assistant is now available in Bluetooth headphones.

Voice-controlled headphones work like an intercom: You talk while you push a button. Then, the microphone in the headphones relays your commands back to your phone. As long as your command is understood, it is executed.

That's the rub. 

Google Assistant headphones (and Alexa headphones, for that matter) are a new, buggy technology. Sometimes there is a lag between the voice command and the action. Sometimes, the voice command isn't understood. Be prepared to deal with these frustrations if you're an early adopter. 

The other rub: Voice-assistant headphones are expensive.

JBL makes a pair of moderately-priced Google Assistant headphones: Everest 310GA. However, this model don't yet have enough reviews to analyze.

Google's Pixel Buds sell for around $100, but most on/over-ear headphones are in the $350 range. The only way to score a pair on the cheap is to buy them on sale.

One day, voice assistants will be a standard headphone feature and direct-from-China sellers will bring prices down considerably. Until then, here are the best Google Assistant headphones available:

Good Price: $327 | Great Deal: $300

It's relatively simple to activate Google Assistant on these headphones using the Bose Connect app, according to several Amazon customers. Many reviewers enjoyed using Google Assistant to receive notifications (e.g. having text messages read back to them). Some reviewers complained of firmware bugs and app crashes. The majority of reviewers say these headphones are very good for music, phone calls and tuning out ambient noise.

Typical Price: $350 | Good Deal: $325

These headphones are comfortable, sound great and have impressive noise cancellation, according to several Amazon customers. Some reviewers say that Google Assistant is slow to respond; others complain that the touchpad is buggy or unresponsive (especially in cold weather).


John DeFeo