The Best Cheap Gaming Chairs of 2019

Gaming chairs are designed like seats in a race car. They don't look comfortable, but looks can be deceiving. Racing seats are made to keep endurance drivers comfortable-yet-aware for long periods of time.

At heart, a gaming chair is an ergonomic office chair with adjustable headrests, armrests, lumbar support and tilt controls. They're designed for people who plan to be stuck in front of a computer for hours without interruption. That's why the rise of video game live-streaming sites like Twitch (and hot games like Fortnite) has driven a surge in demand.

Are gaming chairs worth it? Maybe so. People like to joke about injuries that competitive gamers suffer, but an injury is an injury, and if springing for a decent chair can reduce neck strain or lower back problems, it seems like a smart buy. 

Some gaming chairs have fun or convenient features like integrated joysticks, surround sound, vibration feedback, cupholders, footrests and massagers. 

Here are the best-reviewed gaming chairs that have sold for less than $200 in the past 12 months. If you want to spend less than $100 on a gaming chair, check out these options from Homall, Furmax, Devoko, BestMassage, and BestOffice.

Good Price: $160 | Great Deal: $150

This Furmax racing chair is comfortable and a great value, but it's a pain in the butt to assemble, according to many customers who also said that the instruction manual is in broken English. Plan for an hour of assembly time and don't expect much from the footrest.

Good Price: $145 | Great Deal: $115

Most customers love the look, feel and build-quality of Homall's gaming chair, but some struggled to assemble the chair and noted that the screw holes weren't aligned well. Some reviewers who weigh more than 250 pounds felt a sinking feeling.

Good Price: $191 | Great Deal: $150

Ficmax's gaming chair is comfortable and ergonomic, even for big and tall computer users, according to many reviews. Two common criticisms are that the chair squeaks a lot and that the built-in massager limits mobility (because it has to be plugged in).


John DeFeo