The Best Cheap Cotton Sheets of 2019

I once shared an office with a man who owned a textile factory. Here's what he told me about bed sheets:

Cotton sheets often feel stiff and scratchy when they are new, but a good pair of sheets will improve over time. The opposite is true for synthetic sheets that are made from materials like rayon, polyester or other microfibers. Cotton breathes and sleeps cool; synthetic fibers trap sweat and heat.

Thread counts are mostly nonsense because manufacturers goose the numbers in meaningless ways. A higher thread count will be hotter, but not necessarily softer or better. A count of 200-400 threads is good enough for just about anyone.

This article focuses on queen size sheets (because it's the most popular bed size). Here are the best-reviewed cotton sheets that have sold for $50 or less in the last year:

Good Price: $39 | Great Deal: $33

These sheets are cool and comfortable, according to several Amazon customers. Many reviewers (even happy ones) say that the fitted sheet is snug on the corners of the mattress; others say that these sheets wrinkle when they come from the dryer and feel rough.

Good Price: $38 | Great Deal: $33

Several Amazon customers say that these sheets are soft and durable after many washes, but that they wrinkle easily. Customers with large mattresses say the fitted sheet is deep and strong. Some reviewers complained about an off-putting odor when they first opened these sheets.

Good Price: $40 | Great Deal: $35

These sheets are crisp, cool, soft and deep, according to several Amazon customers. Many reviewers (even happy ones) say these sheets cannot be kept wrinkle-free. Some unhappy customers say these sheets are scratchy and thin.

Good Price: $50 | Great Deal: $47

Amazon customers with deep mattresses say these sheets fit well, sleep cool and feel smooth. These sheets wrinkle easily, according to several reviewers, and some customers complained that their sheets smelled strange when they were removed from their packaging.


John DeFeo