The Best Cheap Cordless Vacuums of 2019

Cordless vacuums draw power from a rechargeable battery instead of a wall outlet.

This removes the hassle of tripping over a wire, searching for a plug or running out of cord. However, cordless vacuums cost more than corded models (and they don't clean as well). 

Cordless vacuums work well on hard floors, but they aren't great on carpets. Their batteries take hours to recharge, but only last between 10 minutes and an hour. Also, many cordless vacuums have a small dirt cup that fills quickly (and needs to be emptied often). 

The best cordless vacuums convert into a Dustbuster-like handheld vacuum that's useful for small messes and car interiors. Is a cordless vacuum worth it for you? It depends on how much you hate cords.

You can score a decent (corded) stick vacuum for around $50. Expect to pay twice as much for a cordless model or five times as much for a good robot vacuum.

Here are the best-reviewed cordless vacuums that have sold for $100 or less in the last 12 months:

Good Price: $100 | Great Deal: $70

Hoover's Linx is lightweight, easy to maneuver and works surprisingly well on carpets, according to several Amazon customers. Many reviewers (even happy ones) say this vacuum requires regular cleaning and light maintenance to avoid clogs. Some reviewers complained that their vacuum's battery became weaker (or died) shortly after its warranty expired.

Good Price: $91 | Great Deal: $64

Deik's cordless vacuum cleaner has a forward-facing light that makes it easier to spot messes on a hard floor (because the dirt casts a shadow). The vacuum cleans hardwood floors well and does an OK job on rugs and carpets, according to several Amazon customers. Some reviews mentioned that the battery takes a long time to recharge and doesn't last particularly long.

Good Price: $84 | Great Deal: $71

Makita's cordless vacuum works well on hard flooring, but struggles on carpets, according to several Amazon reviews. Some tall customers wished this vacuum was a few inches longer. Also, some reviews say that the vacuum’s plastic parts feel fragile.

Good Price: $98 | Greal Deal: $90

This lightweight vacuum has a low profile and fits under most beds and furniture, according to several Amazon customers. Many reviewers say this vacuum has modest suction power and doesn't work on carpets; others worry that it is too fragile to be durable.

John DeFeo