The Best Cheap Board Games for Kids For Sale on Amazon in 2019

A good board game is a timeless form of entertainment.

  • Backgammon was invented 5,000 years ago;

  • Monopoly has been popular since the 1930s; heck, even

  • Hungry Hungry Hippos has been around for 40 years.

It's rare to spend a few bucks on something that can remain fun, playable and culturally relevant for decades. On top of that, a 20-year French study found a correlation between board game playing and lower risk of dementia. That's some cheap preventive care, if true.

To that end, here are some well-reviewed board games that have sold for $10 or less in the last 12 months. The board games below are mostly for kids and families. If you're playing with an older crowd, consider this list of well-reviewed party games for adults.

Hasbro Connect 4 Game

Good Price: $9 | Great Price: $5

Many nostalgic Amazon customers say this game is as fun as they remember, but the frame is made of cheap, lightweight plastic, according to several reviewers.

Rubiks Race

Good Price: $15 | Great Price: $9

Rubiks Race is a fun and competitive game, according to several Amazon customers. Many reviewers (even happy ones) were disappointed that the assembled game doesn't fit back in its box; others say that the game tiles have dull colors that are hard to tell apart.

Hasbro C2124 Guess Who? Classic Game

Good Price: $10 | Great Price: $8

Guess Who? is as fun as ever, according to several nostalgic Amazon customers, but many reviewers say that the card holders don't flip up-and-down as well as vintage versions of the game.

Clue Game

Good Price: $9 | Great Price: $5

Most Amazon customers say this version of Clue is as they remember it, but some fans of the game are upset that Mrs. White has been replace with another character. Some reviewers say that the board is wobbly (it's the foldable kind) once it is set flat.

Mastermind Game : The Strategy Game of Codemaker vs. Codebreaker

Good Price: $10 | Great Price: $4

This logic game is fun and challenging for kids and adults, according to several Amazon customers. Many reviewers complain that the game is a pain to store because the pegs don’t fit well in the board.

John DeFeo