The Best Cheap Biotin Shampoos of 2019

Biotin is a type of B vitamin that is found in foods, vitamins and supplements.

Medical research suggests that nutritional biotin supplementation can help patients who suffer from poor hair or nail growth. However, these clinical trials focused on patients who either had an established biotin deficiency or an underlying medical condition that affected their hair or nails. There is no medical proof that biotin shampoo stimulates hair growth or prevents hair loss.

When you see claims that biotin shampoo makes hair stronger, thicker and easier to comb, take it with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, plenty of people swear by biotin shampoos. A cynic might say that this is the placebo effect at work. I'm a skeptic, not a cynic: These shampoos may be effective at something.

If you're interested in giving a specialty shampoo a try, here are the best-reviewed biotin shampoos that have sold for $15 or less in the past year:

Good Price: $12 | Great Deal: $8

Several Amazon customers say this shampoo makes their hair feel fuller and easier to manage. Some reviewers say they're losing less hair since using this shampoo, but many customers complain that their hair and scalp dried out after repeated use. A few complained of itchiness and increased hair loss.

Good Price: $13 | Great Deal: $10

This shampoo smells good, cleans well and makes hair voluminous, according to several Amazon customers. Some reviewers wish the bottle was larger (or less expensive); other complained of dryness or dandruff.

Good Price: $17 | Great Deal: $15

Several Amazon customers say this shampoo leaves their hair feeling softer, thicker and stronger. Some reviewers complained that the shampoo was poorly packaged and leaked during shipping; a few unhappy customers say their hair felt greasy after use.

Good Price: $11 | Great Deal: $9

This shampoo lathers well, smells fresh and leaves hair feeling healthy. Several reviewers (even happy ones) are uncertain about whether this shampoo has helped their hair loss. A few say their hair loss accelerated.

John DeFeo