The Best Cheap Android Auto Head-Units of 2019

Android Auto is a hands-free way to use a smartphone in a vehicle.

Many new cars have Android Auto built into the "infotainment" system. Plug a smartphone into the dashboard with a USB cable and voila, you can make and take calls, send texts, stream music, talk with Google Assistant, use GPS-navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps, etc.

What if your car doesn't have Android Auto? You’ll need an Android Auto head unit (i.e. an aftermarket car stereo). Even the cheapest Android Auto head units are expensive. Be careful if you find an unknown brand at a bargain price: It's probably an in-dash Android tablet that does not support Android Auto. 

Here are the best-reviewed Android Auto head units that have sold for $350 or less in the last 12 months. Not all head units fit every vehicle's dashboard, so use Amazon's "Make Sure It Fits!" tool before you buy.

Good Price: $259 | Great Deal: $219

Boss Audio's head unit runs Android Auto quickly and without lag, according to several happy Amazon customers. Most reviewers found the head unit easy to install. Some reviews are critical, but the complaints don't fit a pattern or common theme.

Good Price: $332 | Great Deal: $327

Kenwood's Android Auto head unit is easy to install, easy to use and sounds great, according to several Amazon customers. A couple of reviewers had issues getting their microphones (for Bluetooth calls) to work as expected. 

Sorry, that's it. Most Android Auto head units cost $500 and up. You might find a discounted head unit at Crutchfield's Outlet Store. Also, Sony’s XAV-AX100 sometimes sells for less than $300.


John DeFeo