The Best Cheap AirPod Alternatives of 2019

"AirPods" are Apple's wireless Bluetooth earbuds. The tech giant announced them in Sept. 2016 alongside the iPhone 7: the first flagship smartphone that didn't have a headphone jack. Now, many smartphones rely on Bluetooth connectivity (basically, shortwave radio) instead of using a traditional 3.5mm plug.

AirPods are true wireless earbuds: They don't have any cables or cords. (Low-end "wireless earbuds" are connected to each other with a cable.) AirPods have excellent battery life (around five hours of listening time) and are designed to pair with iOS devices. For some iPhone owners, AirPods are a worthwhile luxury.

For Android phone owners, there are many cheap AirPod alternatives. One tradeoff is battery life: Most of these Bluetooth earbuds last between two-and-four hours on a charge. 

Sweatproof headphones are often designed for running and exercise. Look for designations like "IPX5 Water Resistant" or "IPX7 Waterproof " before buying. No wireless earbuds are designed for underwater use, so disregard any manufacturer claims about swimming capabilities.

Here are the best-reviewed AirPod alternatives selling on Amazon for $50 or less:

Good Price: $33 | Great Deal: $28

These Bluetooth earbuds are small, comfortable and they sound great (for both music and calls), according to several Amazon customers. Most reviewers say these earbuds have good battery life. On the negative side, many customers say they've suffered synchronization issues when watching videos or playing games.

Good Price: $45 | Great Deal: $23

Rademax's wireless earbuds have decent sound quality and battery life for the money, according to several Amazon customers. Most reviewers agree that these earbuds fit snugly during sweaty workouts and runs. Some wish these earbuds had more bass; others say the touch controls are easy to hit by accident.

Good Price: $48 | Great Deal: $40

GRDE's wireless earbuds sound good and fit securely on the ear, according to several Amazon customers. Some reviewers complain that audio cuts in and out; others wish that the earbuds had a volume button.

Good Price: $40 | Great Deal: $35

These wireless earbuds pair easily, fit well and sound decent for the money, according to several Amazon customers. Some reviewers say the charging case is flimsy; others say these earbuds aren't good for calls.

Good Price: $46 | Great Deal: $38

Otufan's Bluetooth earbuds fit well, have a great charging case and sync well with videos, according to several Amazon customers. Many reviewers were disappointed with the earbuds' sound quality, describing it as "tinny" or "lacking bass." A few customers complained that the touch controls are too sensitive.

Good Price: $50 | Great Deal: $40

Pasonomi's wireless earbuds have a IPX7 waterproof designation, which is the highest level of sweat/water resistance that you'll find on this style of headphone. These earbuds are good for running and playing music, but not great at taking phone calls according to several customers.

Good Price: $34 | Great Deal: $30

Tozo's wireless earbuds are good for the money according to many customers who praised the quality, fit and connectivity. Disappointing battery life is a common complaint, but on the plus side, several customers had a good experience requesting a replacement pair.

John DeFeo