John DeFeo, Founder of Good, Cheap and Fast

Hi, I’m John. I created this site to save you time and money while shopping on Amazon.

No ads, trackers, or slideshows here.

This site wouldn't exist without user reviews, i.e. the reviews that real customers write. I find products with lots of positive reviews, then I toss out the suspicious ones and remove the products with above-average prices.

The result: above-average products selling for below-average prices. Learn more here.

Should You Trust This Site?

Take it with a grain of salt. I created this site to help people, but also to make money by doing so.

I'd like to believe that my work here is more honest and genuine than other websites, but you should always treat online information with a dose of skepticism. Trust, but verify — especially on the web.

Some sites that I trust are Wirecutter, Consumer Reports, Cook's Illustrated and Crutchfield.