This site exists to make shopping less stressful and time consuming.

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Buying products used to be simple. Say you went to a store to buy a coffee machine. Some of them would be ugly; others too big, but you'd probably walk out after 10 minutes with a product you were happy with. End of story.

The internet, for all of its awesomeness, has made simple things more complicated. There are lots of unfamiliar brands (and plenty of fake reviews that make sucky products look awesome). The websites that test products will spill 10,000 words of digital ink on even the most mundane appliances. And, inevitably, the "best" products will cost more than you'd like to spend.


Hello, I’m a Data Scientist

This site wouldn't exist without user reviews, i.e. the reviews that actual customers write about a product. I find products with tons of positive reviews, then I scrub away the fake ones. Then, I remove the products with above-average prices.

The result: a shortlist of things worth buying.



Should You Trust This Site?

Take it with a grain of salt. I created this site to help people, but also to make money by doing so. I'd like to believe that my work here is more honest and genuine than other websites, but you should always treat online information with a dose of skepticism.

Some sites that I trust are Wirecutter, Consumer Reports, Cook's Illustrated and Crutchfield.